These standard rollers are custom made  for drift boat or raft trailers. They are constructed from 2.5" x .125 wall 6061-T6 aluminum tube and have UHMW bushing type bearings.  Each roller is custom built to order. 2" aluminum tubes are also available.

Note: We have discontinued the use of  the custom ball bearings in our roller due to the increased cost of the bearing. We are now offering rollers with UHMW bushings and custom shaft hangers or through shafts.

Our standard Roller Hanger is  L-Shaped and is designed to raise the roller above the trailer cross member and mounts on the cross member with two 5/16" bolts.
A flat  design is also available for mounting on either the inside or outside surface of the main rail. For special application designs, contact us for a quote.

Common Sizes

      2.5" x 52" OAL Roller w/bushings
Price: $ 85.12

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2.5" x 56" OAL Roller w/bushings
Price:  $ 89.36

     2.5" x 60" OAL Roller w/bushings
Price:   $ 93.60

Axle Style Roller Hangers
High Raised  L  ( raises roller 1-1/4")
Low raised L    ( raises roller  3/4")
designed to allow for 1" vertical mounting adjustment on a 3" high cross member or frame rail.

Price:  $ 14.50 ea.  (Flat Hanger)

Price:  $ 15.50 ea.  ( L-Hanger)

Discontinued Replacement Bearings
Includes Bolt and Washer

Price:  $16.22 each
Note: All items plus shipping & handling.
          Prices subject to change with out notice.
UHMW Replacement Bushings

Available tube sizes:

2-1/2" x .120 wall
2-1/2" x .125 wall
2" sch 40 pipe
2" x .125 wall
1-1/2" x .125 wall
1-1/2" Intermediate Conduit

Price: $15.00 each
Drift Boat Trailers and Accessories
by: Dennis Liden Inc.
    Custom Welding & Fabrication
    Gig Harbor, WA